Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter Opens Up

The Board of Directors at Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter becomes transparent with Sky104.

Allen Price, a volunteer working with the shelter who has a background in crisis leadership, and Cassandra Clouser, a member of the board of directors at Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter, sat down with John Durham Friday morning.

Price says that because of all that has transpired regarding the shelter, the board has recommitted to the values of the shelter, which are, as Price said, “open, transparent operations.” He went on to say, “anything that anybody wants to know, we’re willing share it with them. When we know something, we’re going to share it. We’re going to be really open and transparent and high integrity going forward.”

Clouser again emphasized that if the shelter does not regain financial and community support, the shelter will be officially closing on October 31st.

The full interview with Price and Clouser can be heard here.