Board of Education Discusses Title Tax Impact

With the Tax Commissioners Office closed on Tuesday afternoon to train on the new procedures regarding the Title Ad Valorem Tax, the Rabun County Board of Education is wondering how that will affect their revenue.

It was one of the issues discussed at the Board’s monthly meeting last Thursday, and Rabun County School Superintendent Matt Arthur says this about its possible impact.

“We don’t really know what its gonna do, but all the signs and the economists say it’s gonna hurt us,” said Arthur. “And it’s gonna be a shock to all these people that have to add 6% on right then and there.”

House Bill 386 eliminates the Annual Ad Valorem Tax on Vehicles also known as the “Birthday Tax” as well as the Sales and Use Tax on Vehicles and replaces it, for vehicles purchased beginning on March 1st, with a one time six and a half percent tax known as the Title Ad Valorem Tax.

Rabun County Tax Commissioner Sandy Smith says that tax is to be paid upon registration of the new vehicle.