Better Down than Up

Gas prices continue to move in the right direction, all be it, very slowly. Gas prices fell for the eighth consecutive day Sunday. The national average price for a gallon of gasoline is nearly 3 cents cheaper than a week ago, but 18 cents more expensive than last month. Still, Sunday’s average price of $2.43 is $1.27 less than the peak price last year, saving motorists more than $19 for a full tank of gas.

“Record high domestic oil production continues outpacing demand, which has helped keep oil prices lower than recent years,” Says  Mark Jenkins of AAA. “Barring any unforeseen events, oil prices should remain below $100 a barrel this year, which would prevent gas prices from reaching $3 a gallon.”

Georgia starts the week off at $2.27 a gallon, 2 cents lower than last week. Rabun County continues to better both the State and National averages, beginning the week at $2.21 a gallon.