Be mindful of ‘bear crossings’, wildlife officials say

Wildlife officials with the Department of Natural Resources are urging motorists to be extra cautious while traveling in north Georgia as the number of “bear roadkills” have reached a new record for this early on in the year.

Kevin Kramer, a spokesperson with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR), said there have been eight “bear roadkills” this year. Overall, there are about 20 per year, he said, adding that at least three of the bear roadkills this year have weighed more than 400 pounds.

During the summer, bears search for mates. The continuous movement increases the chance for a bear to be hit by a car, Kramer explained.

“Slow down and give them time to cross the road,” he suggested.

“Roads are usually barriers to bears. They don’t usually try to cross busy roads — and when they do, it doesn’t usually end well,” he added.