Basketball Registration at Rabun County Rec

Time is running out to sign your child up for basketball through the Rabun County Recreation Department, tells Athletic Director Adam Dixon.  “Well Oct. 1, is our original deadline and what that means is you can register your child for ages 6U all the way up through 12U youth basketball before Oct. 1, without a penalty.  After that, we’ll usually extend it a couple of weeks but that incurs a $10 extra fee reason being the sooner we can get everything organized the sooner we can get started and all that kind of stuff.”  Dixon says that you can register online or in-person for youth basketball. “You can do either one, of course we are open seven days a week so a lot of people still come here and sign up in our office or you can do it online by going to our website at and that will take you to our SI Play website, which will let you register online and if you have a birth certificate or something like that that you need to upload you can actually do it from the website.  So, thank goodness for modern technology so you can sign up 24/7 that way.” The Rabun County Recreation Department is located at 400 Rabun Park Drive in Tiger. Office hours are 9am to 9pm, Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm on Saturday, and 2pm to 9pm on Sunday.