Authority Lacks Quorum, Discusses Financial Question with City

The Clayton Rabun County Water and Sewer Authority did not have a quorum present for the second week in a row, but the members who were present discussed some issues with the City of Clayton.

One topic discussed by authority members Randy Speed and Billy Johnson with Clayton City Manager Cissy Henry was a letter sent to the Water and Sewer Authority from Clayton City Attorney Mitch Baker regarding the amount of money in the authority’s reserve fund.

Speed said he thought that question had been answered by their accountant at a previous meeting.

“He said I think if you’ll go back and look at the minutes all this was taken care of and answered by him as far as where the money is located,” said Speed. “If you’ll talk to Jay Green, he found out where that money was and where it needed to be appropriated at.”

According to Speed, money that should have gone in the reserve fund had been placed in a different account, but it should have been corrected.

“The bottom line is, the money is there, it was just in the wrong account,” said Speed. “Jerry was supposed to put it in the right account. The money was never misappropriated, it was just put in the wrong account.”

Since a quorum, including authority chairman Sam Beck, was not present, no action was taken regarding any items on the authority’s agenda.