Allergy season has sprung in Spring

RABUN COUNTY — It’s back! That yellow sheen is on your car, your house, your mailbox, basically everything you touch.

Georgia’s allergy season has arrived.

On Thursday, North Georgia had a pollen count of 794, which feels worse than it is. When we looked back at the highest pollen counts for the last decade, we didn’t have to look far.

Last year on March 31, North Georgia had the higher pollen count of 3,559. In 2016, on March 29, the highest pollen count day, Georgia suffered at 4,106.

Over the last decade, March and April held the days with the highest pollen counts. This is bad news for this year, meaning the worst is yet to come.

Since North Georgia is 60 percent national forest, it is one reason why allergies hit Georgians so hard. Our biggest allergens are trees like pine, maple and oak.

The pollen spores will travel dozens of miles in the air, but the biggest culprit for bringing pollen into your home may surprise you: your beloved pet.

Dr. Kathleen Sheerin said while you might not be allergic to your dog, little Fido will still bring all the pollen inside with him.

“Especially if you let them in bed with you,” Dr. Sheerin said.

Her advice: make sure you wash your hair after being outside.

Another thing to remember is to wash your sheets and pillowcases regularly. Dr. Sheerin said they’re notorious for trapping pollen.