Update on Sandy Creek Bridge repair

Contractors have begun making repairs to the Sandy Creek bridge on Forest Service Road 1234, tells Judy Toppins, Staff Officer for Public Affairs of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests.  “The Sandy Creek bridge, itself, actually failed an inspection by the Georgia Department of Transportation in 2018 and after Hurricane Irma came through and the weather resulting from that we had additional soil surrounding the supporting abutments wash out and also a sinkhole began to appear under the approach road.  So, the bridge was closed last fall and since that time we have been seeking additional funding to repair the bridge and we received that through the Federal Highway Safety Administration, their emergency relief of federal owned roads. So, as soon as that special funding came in we were able to contract for the repair work on the bridge.  That began last week and it should take about a month to do the full repairs and then we will finally be able to open that bridge up to the public to be able to access those really special places like Scull Shoals and some other places that I know folks have been missing.”  The U.S. Forest Service asks the public to respect this unfortunate but necessary road closure as crews work diligently to make the necessary repairs.