Scott Crane elected to serve as Rabun’s next commissioner among other local, state officials elected into power

According to the official election report summary, a number of state and local races have been decided.

For local races, Scott Crane has been elected to serve as County Commissioner Post 5 and for Sky Valley City Council newcomer Jim Curtis overturned Chip Durpo and now will serve alongside also re-elected Constance F. Larsen.

For the special election in Sky Valley regarding the Brunch Bill which proposed that the governing authority of Sky Valley authorize and permit the Sunday sales of alcoholic beverages from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., 82% of Sky Valley residents voted in favor.

A number of unopposed seats were also reelected to serve another term: for Magistrate Court Judge Albert English, for Board of Education post 3 Mark Beck, for Board of Education post 1 Curt Haban and for County Commissioner Post 4 Kent Woerner.

As far as state races go, Republican Brian Kemp toppled Democrat Stacey Abrams by 80 percent to serve as Georgia’s next Governor.

A number of other Republicans also took the lead as Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan was appointed to serve, for secretary of state Brad Raffensperger, Attorney General Chris Carr was appointed to serve another term as well as Gary Black who also was elected to serve out another term as Georgia’s Commissioner of Agriculture.