RCWSA in talks with Clayton about changing Water Pump Filter

The Rabun County Water and Sewer Authority (RCWSA) is currently in discussions with the City of Clayton about changing the filters at the Lake Rabun Water Treatment Plant.  RCWSA General Manager Brendan Thompson recently spoke with the Clayton City Council about bringing supplemental water to Clayton while the filters are rehabilitated.  “I was basically letting the Clayton City Council know that we had met with the Clayton City staff, the city manager, the public works director, the engineer, and the city attorney.  We had a meeting on May 27, to go ahead and start outlining our ideas and our plan for bringing water from our Little Tennessee Plant to the City of Clayton.  We did that and again I was letting the Council know that I had written up the notes and minutes from that meeting.  We put those notes and minutes into the hands of the Clayton City staff and they will be looking and hopefully getting us some comments back by Friday and we can continue on with those negotiations.  I think this is a very important project at this time because we need to bring that water from the north to supplement water from our south water treatment plant so we can take at least one of the filters off-line and rehab those filters because they have a lot of age on them.  They are over 20 years old and the filter media needs to be rehabbed and in order to do that, we need to have water from the north.  Hopefully, it will be good for the community and help everybody and get done what we need to get done.”  Thompson is looking for buy-in from the Clayton City Council for the project.  It is necessary to bring water from the north to not only rehabilitate the filters but also to make sure that there is redundancy and enough adequate water supply for potable water and fire suppression.