RCSO purchases new interactive learning technology for jail

The Rabun County Detention Center will soon have some exciting new interactive learning technology that will be implemented into the jail for training purposes.

Galaxy Next Generation, Inc, a U.S. will be supplying the detention center with an interactive smart board that Sheriff Chad Nichols said will be used for training of all sorts, including jail-based program offerings for inmates.

According to Nichols, this is just one step out of ensuring that the detention center is up to standards in technology and all other aspects.

“We were able to purchase some interactive learning technology, which is basically an interactive smart board. We’ll be using that for training, for deputies, for the jail staff and basically any chance we can get to use that digital-video platform,” he said. “We will also be able to use that for our drug treatment courses. It’s basically just a big computer screen that will make it so much easier for everyone to be able to see.”

Said Gary LeCroy, CEO of Galaxy, “We have made it a company-wide priority to move into additional verticals as part of our projected revenue growth.  We now have a sell into a state government vertical with the Rabun County Sheriff’s department and are excited at this new opportunity.”

“It should be a valuable asset for our employees here at the sheriff’s office,” Nichols said.