RCRD director discusses preparations ahead of winter storm

Although forecasts change on an hourly basis, current predictions indicating Rabun County will receive some snow this weekend are still on track.

Originally at the beginning of the week, weather forecasters suggested we would see snow as early Saturday night. But now the National Weather Service is suggesting Rabun County might not receive any snow/ice accumulations until late Sunday night, which could create a mess as early-morning commuters head to work Monday.

Scott Provance, Road Director Rabun County Road Department, said whatever the scenario may be come this weekend, his department will have a plan of action.

He said if current weather forecasts call for snow, then the road crews will go ahead and pre-treat the roads with either salt or stone.

Provance said crews will be ready for the winter storm that’s expected to hit this weekend.

Although the road department can help aid in preventing too much of a wintry mess, it’s still a good idea to not travel on the roadways if possible to limit accidents from happening.