RCFS offers campfire safety tips

Recent incidents that involve campfires getting out of control have sparked local public safety officials to offer some advice when it comes to bonfires.

Before you sit around a fire and enjoy roasting marshmallows in the great outdoors of Rabun County, it’s important to remember a few things first to avoid a possible hazard.

The Rabun County Fire Department offers the following advice; fire pits must be 25-feet from any building or other combustibles. If using an enclosed fireplace, the distance should be at least 15-feet away; Also, the only materials permitted in a recreational fire should be wood from trees, small branches, brush or charcoal;

As far as any items that are not allowed to be burned are treated lumber materials, construction debris, grass, garbage, plastic or waste.

Officials also advise that someone must attend the recreational fire until it burns out completely or is extinguished.

With keeping these specific campfire safety tips in mind, residents can ensure a fun and relaxing time around a bonfire without causing any harm to our community.