Rabun Paws 4 Life Animal Shelter reminding residents to bring animals indoors

With the drastic drop of temperatures Rabun County has been experiencing lately, our local Paws 4 Life wants to remind citizens to please remember to bring your furry friends indoors while you stay warm.

According to shelter employees, if it’s too cold for a person outside, then its also too cold for your companions. Pets can freeze, become disoriented, lost, stolen, or injured in the brisk weather.

It’s also important to remember that this time of year when snowfall is expected, many people will be using harsh chemicals such as antifreeze or road salt. Many of these products can be lethal to your pet.

The last tip Paws offered, is although it may be tempting to bring Fido along with you on a ride to the grocery store, animal healthcare officials urge you not to. A vehicle can act as a refrigerator in the winter months, heightening the chance that your pet can freeze or become sick if left alone in the vehicle.