Rabun County Sheriff’s Office Warns Resident’s of Scam

Telephone scams are becoming a trend it seems. Many scammers are claiming to be from an organization, or company, and request that you send them money, or that you provide credit card information, in order to pay a debt that you do not owe.

The Rabun County Sheriff’s Office posted on their Facebook page, that several residents of Rabun County have contacted them in regards to a phone scam, stating that they are from the IRS. According to the Sheriff’s office, the call claims to threaten residents with a lawsuit if a certain amount of money is not paid to them.

Many other scams are common, including callers claiming to be with Publisher’s Clearing House, a student loan and debt collection agency, among others. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s phone line was hacked in October as well.

If you receive a call that sounds suspicious, hang up immediately, and report the call to the Rabun County Sheriff’s Office at 706-782-3612.