Rabun County Sheriff’s Office Gives Updates on Burglaries

Rabun County Sheriff’s issued a press release on Monday, updating the current state of investigation when it comes to the series of burglaries that have occurred in the Lake Rabun and Lake Burton area.

The release states that Rabun County Sheriff’s Investigators are working in conjunction with Mountain Patrol Security to investigate more than 20 burglaries that have happened in that area. The investigation began after the arrest of Austin Blake Webb on multiple felony charges. Webb showed investigators all of the homes that he had entered, and there were multiple homes that had not reported burglaries. The Rabun County Sheriff’s Office is attempting to locate the home owners, to ask them if they are missing any items.

The burglary investigation continues, and additional arrests are expected to be made. If you have any information on the burglaries in the vicinity of Lake Burton and Lake Rabun, contact the Rabun County Sheriff’s Office at 706-782-3612.