Rabun County Sheriff gives Red Flags about Scams

Area residents are being warned about scams.  Rabun County Sheriff Chad Nichols gives some red flags about recent scams being perpetrated in the area.  “They seemed to be getting more sophisticated as they go. With the phone scams, it is really difficult for law enforcement to trace those because they route them through different areas and different countries.  It’s kind of amazing what they can do and what they will do, but the main red flag is there is an arrest warrant out for you, send us some money and you won’t be arrested. That is a big red flag because law enforcement will not notify you, they will just come and arrest you.  Recently, we’ve had someone claiming to be Publishers Clearinghouse and wanted some payment sent. Pretty much everybody that is wanting a payment right up front to be sent, either wired or even by check, but they’re asking a lot for it to be wired. They will want you to go get a gift card, like a Green Dot card or an Apple Itune card, so if anybody is wanting any type of payment through that method that should be a major red flag that this is a scam.  One thing we’ve noticed talking to people that their really persistent and that should be another red flag as well. You know, calling multiple times and really insisting that you do something right then, so those are a couple of red flags. Now that they have gotten into really the payment through gift card that should be a big red flag that they are wanting some type of payment up front and if you are lirey just hang up on them. Call us or your local police department and just asked.  We’ve had a lot of experience, there are so many I don’t know how to specifically call all of them out, but if you have any questions or your gut tells you something is not right, it is probably not right. So, I would rather you use caution. Just hang up on them. Even tell them that you are going to call law enforcement and verify, that may stop your calls from happening too. So, those are a few red flags to look for when you are dealing with a possible scam.” Never give personal information over the phone, unless you were the one to initiate the call.  As always, pause to think before making an impulse decision.