Rabun County Elections Supervisor thanks Poll Workers

Five municipalities in Rabun County held elections for mayor and council on Tuesday, Nov. 5.  All things went well, says Rabun County Elections Supervisor Tammy Whitmire. “I thought things went well.  We didn’t have any major problems at any of the precincts so we were very pleased. I’m always wishing more people would vote but I am very appreciative of those who came out.”  Whitmire is grateful for the hard work done by the poll workers. “Oh, they did a wonderful job. I couldn’t ask for better poll workers. They are very conscientious, they’re on time, they did their job and got the results back pretty quick.  So, I’m very proud of them.” Election results will be canvassed and certified by the Rabun County Elections Commission on Friday, Nov. 8, 2019.