Rabun Co. Rec raising Wildcats for Life

One of the best places to find a sense of community is the local recreation department.  In Rabun County, the recreation department is raising football players and cheerleaders to be wildcats for life, says Athletic Director Adam Dixon.  “With our league, there is some travel.  So, we go to West Hall, Oconee County, and Commerce.  But the cool thing is we are all Rabun County Wildcats from the get-go.  By the time these kids are in middle school and high school, that is all they know is we are Rabun County Wildcats.  So, being a part of a league that plays other counties outside of Rabun County, I think it helps grow our middle school and high school programs in a way that back when I was a youngster we played against each other, played against our friends, and then in middle school, we came together and tried to create a team of Rabun County kids.  Well, now I guess rec sports are more popular and our numbers are growing a little bit so now we have enough to have, we actually have six teams; 6U, 7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, and 11U.  All those teams are single-aged teams and they go and travel and play.  Cheer is the same way.  Every team has a cheerleading team.  We have 86 cheerleaders this year.  It is awesome.  It is just like middle school and high school.  So, these young men grow up not knowing anything different and these young ladies grow up being cheerleaders for their team for possibly 12 years.  So, it’s a pretty awesome undertaking and it’s a big deal.  We have lots of volunteers that do the coaching for us.  It is a time commitment and we are really passionate about our football and cheer here in the south.”  The Rabun County Recreation Department is committed to offering recreational activities that teach fundamentals, encourage good sportsmanship, and enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Rabun County.  To learn more, visit https://rabuncounty.ga.gov/recreation.