Rabun Co. Rec extends Football and Cheerleading Registration

The Rabun County Recreation Department announces that the football and cheerleading registration deadline has been extended through July 10, 2020, without penalty.  Many people have questions about fall sports being held in light of COVID-19, but Adam Dixon, Athletic Director for the Rabun County Recreation Department says they are still planning to play this fall.  “Football and cheerleading registration has been open for several months, we open it early here, but about the time we opened it the pandemic hit and people have been skeptical about that but we are open.  We’re open through July 10, without penalty.  That is online or in the office for football and cheerleading.  It is ages 6-12 for cheerleading and 7-11 for football.  We have several already signed up.  We have also received a number of calls about what we will do if the season gets cancelled or postponed?  To clarify that right now we plan on having a full football season.  We will probably follow the lead of the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) because we have teams in our league that are as far south as Oglethorpe and Hall County.  We have to treat the league as a whole and we have to worry about what is going on in those other counties but we will probably follow GHSA’s lead on that and right now they keep loosening up it seems like every week.  I know the high school has started being able to use a ball and have more people at their practice this past week before dead week hit.  So, we will probably follow their lead and our plan is to have a full season.  If that does not happen, if we have to cancel the season for some reason, if it is before uniforms have been ordered we would give full refunds, if it is after uniforms have been ordered our goal is to give partial refunds, and if the season gets nearly completed or halfway through then we would probably not give refunds at that point because we would still have the expenses of uniforms and officials.  I know all those questions are out there because I’m a parent too, I have a cheerleader and a football player so all those things are in everybody’s head this year so I’m hoping to clarify some of that misconception that is out there.  So, please if you are going to sign up a child go ahead and do it.  If we have to refund we will.  As of right now, it looks pretty bright that we will have a football season so come on down and sign them up today.”  You can register for football or cheerleading online at http://www.rabuncountyrecreation.com/ or you can go by the Rabun County Recreation Department at 400 Rabun Park Drive in Tiger.  Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm, Saturday from 9am to 4pm, and Sunday from 2pm to 9pm.  For more information call 706-782-4600.