Rabun Co. Rec asking for Football Equipment be returned

If you still have football equipment from last season, the Rabun County Recreation Department is asking for you to return it.  Please turn in any helmets or shoulder pads, says Athletic Director Adam Dixon.  “If you have any football equipment that you have loaned from us, if you could bring that back it would be great because again that is a loan, we don’t charge enough for that to be a buy.  Anybody that has a helmet or shoulder pads, especially.  Just drop it off.  A lot of people don’t even know they still have it.  I’m just jarring everybody’s memory, please bring that back so we will have it for this upcoming season.  We’re lucky enough that we have been proactive enough to have pretty much everything we need but you can’t even order helmets these days.  There is such a backorder that companies don’t even let you place orders for some of these things.  So, we hope that is just a short-term problem but a lot of our shipping things will come with a surcharge for diesel costs and things that weren’t on the original quote.  So, that is one of the things that is hitting the Rec Department and other businesses that you don’t really think about when you are working on your budget but it is a real thing with diesel costs being what they are it adds to shipping costs and adds to what they are going to have to pay, so they pass that on to us as the consumers and the taxpayers.”  Please turn in any football equipment that was issued by the Rec so it can have them sanitized or recertified for use this season.