Master Plan presented to Clayton City Council

The Clayton City Council heard a presentation this week on the city’s master plan by TSW, tells City Manager Cissy Henry.  “TSW has presented their final findings to the city council and the city council will be voting on that at their regular session on Tuesday, Sept. 17.  Once that gets voted on they will start implementing some of the suggestions and recommendations that this group will be recommending. One of the first things is updating our zoning.  If you have not seen any of the presentations you can call the city we will be glad to send you a link and you can go to the city’s Facebook page and click on that link and check it out.  They have some very unique findings that they would like to see Clayton be taken into the future. It is going to take a while but we have a plan now and it will be a great way to move us into the future.”  Henry says this is part of the city’s comprehensive plan. “This is the first time that we have ever had master planners come in but it is part of the overall comprehensive plan because the comprehensive plan is done every ten years, so it is working hand in hand but this is a group of master planners that come in and tell us what would be beneficial to our small town.  We have a lot of parking issues, we need more affordable housing, we need more retail and mixed-use businesses. So, they kind of look at the lay of the land and say this is the best use that we could provide with what we have and they really think that we have a gem here in our small city that we have a lot to work with. So, it’s very unique and I think that it is going to be beneficial just having something to work towards.”  You can call Clayton City Hall at 706-782-4512 to get a link to the plan online.