Last day to file taxes, extensions still available

If you’re anything like the other millions of people that have waited up until the last minute to file their taxes, then worry not because you’re not alone – you still have time to apply for an extension.

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), there are roughly 50 million Americans that have yet to file; and chances are that more than half, will be applying for an extension which will allow them up to 6 months to file.

Georgians are urged to e-file because it’s the most secure and efficient way to submit a tax return; it’s also the quickest, the IRS says.

However, unless you fill out IRS form 4868 to get an extension of time to file your returns, it may be too late to send your taxes off in the mail since April 15 is the cut-off date.

The good news is for those that have filled out form 4868, those taxpayers now have up to October 15 to mail their returns in – a much more forgiving grace period for all the procrastinators.