Holiday Fire Destroys Home

A Christmas Eve fire destroys a Clayton residence.

Captain Jordan Green with the Clayton Fire Department said that the blaze began at a residence on Dry Pond Road in Clayton early in the morning on December 24th.

“It took us from about 4am to about 7am to get the brunt of the fire put out,” said Green. “They had overhaul operations going on from about 7am to about noontime.”

Green said that the construction of the building provided some difficulties in extinguishing the fire.

“It was a renovated house,” said Green, “and it had several different building techniques that were used when it was renovated which made it harder for us to get into certain areas to check. Also, we couldn’t get in certain areas because of the structural instability the fire had caused.”

Green went on to say that the cause of the fire is not yet known, but it is being investigated.

“The State Fire Marshal’s Office was contacted and they’ve been working through the Clayton Police Department,” said Green. “It’s been turned over to them.”

Green deemed the structure a total loss.

No one was injured in the fire.