GSP to enforce ‘Slowpoke Law’

Chances are if you’re a Georgia native, then you’re already familiar with the “left lane law,” but just in case you aren’t the Georgia State Patrol is here to remind you what it is and how they intend to enforce it.

According to law enforcement, the left lane is meant for passing only, and if you don’t move over into the other lane for a faster driver behind you, you stand a pretty good chance of getting ticketed.

Traffic and accident statistics suggest that driving in the left lane for an extended period of time leads to road rage and congestion, which is why in July 2015 Georgia lawmakers passed the “Slowpoke Law” to help combat this problem.

Georgia State Patrol wrote more than 300 slowpoke citations in the first year, yet many drivers remain unaware of the law. If cited, a driver may face misdemeanor penalties including a fine of up to $1,000, up to 12 months in jail, three points on your license and increased insurance premiums.

So whether you’re driving on 441, 385 or 123, make sure to stay in the right lane unless you pass someone.