Gov. Deal issues state of emergency

Based on the latest forecast for Hurricane Florence and acting on a recommendation from Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (GEMA/HS) officials, Gov. Nathan Deal issued an emergency declaration for all 159 counties in Georgia.

The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency is actively monitoring Hurricane Florence and is coordinating with federal, state, local, public and private sector partners to ensure Georgia is ready to respond in the event of a catastrophe.

Gov. Deal said during a press conference that in light of the storm’s forecasted southward track after making landfall, he encourages all Georgians to be prepared for the inland effects of the storm as well as the ensuing storm surge in coastal areas.

Accommodations for Hurricane Florence are being made not only locally in Rabun County, but the efforts are continuing statewide as well.

Georgia State Parks, including campsites and cottages, are open to evacuees. Georgia State Parks will not be turning away any visitors seeking assistance. All cabins will be allowed to accommodate domestic pets. Pet fees will be waived during this weather event.

Also, parks that currently have overnight equestrian facilities will allow visitors traveling with horses to use portable corrals and high lines (with tree saver straps).

The Atlanta Motor Speedway also announced that camping facilities are open for evacuees seeking refuge from Hurricane Florence. Campgrounds utilized will be Legends for dry camping and Premium (main entrance road) for hook-ups. More information can be found at

As of Thursday morning, Gov. Deal’s office said they are monitoring fuel supplies across the state, and there are no fuel shortages reported at this time. However, local officials do encourage you to fill your vehicles up in the event Hurricane Florence spikes fuel prices after making landfall in South Carolina.

WRBN/WGHC News will keep you informed daily of Hurricane Florence’s status.