Goal is for Every Rabun County Student to Graduate

During the month of October, National Dropout Prevention Month arrives as the school year swings into high gear.  The entire month of October is dedicated to calling attention to the need for dropout prevention efforts nationwide.  In Rabun County, the goal is to have every student graduate, says Superintendent Dr. April Childers. “We’re excited that our graduation rate is above 90% again this year and we contribute that to the hard work of all teachers and staff in K-12.  Graduation rates start when they start school. We have to focus on the goal to get them to graduation and beyond. Our staff does a wonderful job of building positive relationships with students and we feel that is key that you have good relationships with them and they feel good about coming to school and they know that their teachers care about them.  We’re really working hard on challenging students academically in the most appropriate way for every kid. So, meeting them where they are and pushing them to do their best. Of course, we have great high school counselors and counselors at the other level that play a vital role in meeting the needs of kids.” Since 1986, graduation rates have improved nearly 10 percent across the country.  To learn more about Rabun County Schools, visit www.rabuncountyschools.org.