Georgia Power stressing Safety during Spring Storms

A sign of spring in the south is severe weather.  Georgia Power stresses safety during spring storms.  Allison Gregorie, spokesperson for Georgia Power offers these safety tips before, during, and after a storm.  “Yesterday we saw a bit of severe weather across Metro Atlanta and into northeast Georgia across the southeast.  This happens during the spring and summer.  We encourage our customers to practice safety year-round but especially this time of year when we are seeing tornadoes popping up, thunderstorms, and of course, as we get closer to hurricane season.  There could be some bad weather today, so we just remind our customers to prepare now before the weather hits.  Do things like charge up all your cellphones and mobile devices ahead of time just in case we do lose power.  The ground is extremely saturated right now, we’ve seen really heavy rain and flooding in some areas.  Unfortunately, when that happens trees come down, and when trees come down they can hit power lines and poles.  So, we don’t want anybody to get hurt, so we ask everyone to stay inside during the storm.  Then when you are out in your neighborhood after the storm, please do not touch any downed wires or broken poles.  Stay away from them, keep your little ones away from them, and if you see them please call Georgia Power to report it or 911 immediately.  We appreciate everyone’s patience, this time of year our crews are working around the clock to get everyone’s power back on as quickly and safely as possible.  So, if you do lose power, we just appreciate your patience, our crews will be out there restoring power as quickly as they can.”  To report downed power lines or power outages to Georgia Power, call 1-888-891-0938.