Georgia Power ready to restore Power after Storms

No matter the weather; snow, wind, or rain, Georgia Power is ready to restore power after storms.  Georgia Power Spokesperson Allison Gregorie encourages residents to prepare before storms strike and be patient if the power goes out.  “So, we have had a variety of weather patterns this week from flooding and thunderstorms to 72 degrees to snow last weekend. So, Georgia Power is prepared to handle any kind of outage that comes from any kind of weather issue.  We have a team that works 24/7 that is prepared for all kinds of weather-related events. We’re just reminding customers that if you do have an outage please be patient with us. Once a storm passes, our crews can go out and begin the restoration process.  If you do have an outage you need to report, go to and visit the outage section. You can make a report there. Also, just download our mobile app, which is free, to let you know the latest on outages as well as the estimated restoration time.”  If it is a dangerous condition, including downed power lines, call 1-888-891-0938 to report it to Georgia Power.