Freeport Tax Exemptions Discussed at Commission Meeting

The Rabun County Commission discusses implementing the Freeport tax that was voted upon during the July Primary.

County Attorney Allyn Stockton says that commission can choose to implement the tax break in 20% increments. He recommends beginning at a lower number rather than a higher one, in order to make sure that the county’s revenue stream will not suffer without collecting the Freeport taxes.

He also says it is easier to raise the exemption amount than it is to lower it, as all that is need to raise the amount that is exempt is a resolution.

However, Stockton says, in order to lower it, an election would have to be organized.

Executive Director of the Development Authority of Rabun County Ray Coulombe called for 100% exemption at the meeting.

As the exemptions would not go into effect until January 1st, the commission decided to table this issue until it can be looked into further.