‘Free Little Pantry’ opens Rabun Gap location

Rabun Gap welcomed the opening of a new community food pantry this past weekend.

On Sunday, the Free Little Pantry opened their doors to the public at their new location located at 33 Sherin Drive.

Funding to make the Free Little Pantry was only made possible by the LifeWay Community Church in conjunction with the congregation. 

The Free Little Pantry project began in May 2016 after LifeWay donated space for it’s Sylva, North Carolina location. After seeing the success, the congregation was inspired to fund the second location in Rabun County.

Michael Abbott Lead Pastor of LifeWay Community Church said initially he was blown away by the number of people utilizing the Free Little Pantry and immediately saw the benefit it posed to the community.

“A year later I am still in awe. Just this week I met a woman who needed food for her family. She had already checked with other community resources who were all tapped out. There is such a great need and because of the generosity of our community, I was able to show her the Free Little Pantry,” Abbott said. “She was so grateful knowing that she and her elderly mother would eat that night and that this resource was there any time day or night. We are so excited to help make a Free Little Pantry available to our neighbors in Rabun County.”

The pilot project utilizes a compelling concept to pique local interest and work towards ending local food insecurity. As well as offers a place where neighbors can meet to discuss neighborhood needs.

Abbott encourages anyone to utilize the Free Little Panty for food or personal items. The pantry includes grocery staple items such as spaghetti noodles, spaghetti sauce, powdered milk and cereal.

The community is welcome to offer donations to help get the pantry fully stocked and operational.

Suggested donation items are as follows; canned proteins such as tuna/chicken; canned fruits; veggies; soups; peanut butter; jam; deodorant; bar soap; shampoo/conditioner; sandwich/gallon lock bags; trash bags; crayons; tape; pencils/pens; notepads; paper products…etc.