Clayton City Council Meeting

The City of Clayton Council holds a public hearing and work session on Tuesday, February 11, 2020.  The public hearing starts at 3:45pm and the work session begins at 4pm in the City of Clayton courtroom.  The public hearing deals with a rezoning request from Sunshine Watts. The work session agenda has a Celebrate Clayton Main Street closure request at 5pm on April 24 through 6pm on April 26, a one-day alcohol permit for the Rabun County Civic Center on behalf of the Clayton Café for March 14, 2020, a one-day alcohol permit for Rotary Casino Night at Rumor Hazit on April 18, a one-day alcohol permit for Fur Ball Fromage and Moonrise Certified Server on May 30, the Rabun County Chamber of Commerce requests crosswalk assistants for a Mardi Gras Sidewalk Parade, sewer drain concerns, Ethic’s Committee Resignations of Pom Sinnock, Joan Hurley and Josh Brown, Ethic’s Committee procedures, protocol, and training, Tiger sewer rates, Rabun County Water and Sewer Authority water issue, Short Term Rentals Ordinance, software upgrades, water audit, travel reimbursement policy, local comprehensive plan adoption, an ordinance update on the sewer ordinance for industry, a Georgia Emergency Management project version applicant notification, monthly water and sewer status report, wastewater plant monthly report, ad valorem delinquent report, Police Department monthly report, financial status, Rabun County Water and Sewer Authority update, and a Downtown Development Authority update.  The meeting is open to the public.


Feb 11 2020


3:45 pm - 5:00 pm
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