Elections Supervisor informs on the scariest election yet

Rabun County Elections Supervisor said although the voter turnout this year has increased two-fold compared to previous elections, it was a scary election.

As far as a reason why Whitmire thinks more people expressed interested in the 2018 Georgia General Election, she largely attributed social media to playing a key role.

“I think everyone has social media now and that makes it easier for people to get involved,” she said. “Whether its facebook or twitter, people post on their personal profiles and it inspires other people to also get out there and vote.”

Whitmire added that although the turnout was great this election, it was scary.

“If you would have told me when I took this job that I was going to have to train my poll workers on active shooters because there are people who are so angry because we represent the elections, to me that’s scary,” she said.

Another scary factor Whitmire said is having to worry about hackers trying to get key information about election results from her e-mail.

She added that the U.S Postal Service personally called her during this election and warned her not to open any suspicious mail in light of recent events where bombs were concealed in unmarked mail and sent to politicians.

The Rabun County Sheriff’s Office offered training to Whitmire’s staff and educated them about what they do if they detect a suspicious person.

Whitmire said one of her hardest jobs is to keep people calm.