DNR officials; ‘Trout fishing will be great this year’

RABUN COUNTY More than one million trout will be stocked in Georgia this year. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Division and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have recently begun the 2018 trout stocking effort, and experts say trout fishing will be great this year.

Historically, stocked trout were typically 9 inches long. This year, fisheries staff will grow trout to 10 inches before stocking. Abundant rainfall, increased funding (thanks to the passage of House Bill 208 which brought hunting and fishing license fee changes), and excellent growing conditions have made the new goal achievable.

Due to the change in size, the timing of stocking the streams has changed slightly as well. Trout stocking will begin in early March and continue well into the fall.

Some popular stocked water bodies that have received trout during this early stocking effort include Lake Winfield Scott in Union County, Little Amicalola Creek at Amicalola State Park, Holly Creek in Murray County, and Johns Creek in Floyd County. Anyone wanting to keep up with the stocking schedule can sign up for the weekly trout stocking email at http://georgiawildlife.com/Fishing/Trout.

The daily limit is eight trout on general regulation trout waters. Anglers are reminded to respect private property rights along streams flowing through private lands and to obtain permission before fishing on private property.