Dillard receives new chief of police

After an incident where the former Dillard Police Cheif was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol at the beginning of the year, the Dillard City Council has named a new chief in his place.

According to the Dillard City Council, Jeremy Parker who has been serving as Interim Police Chief since former chief Jeremy Welch’s suspension, a decision to make Parker Dillard Police Chief was announced at the council’s most recent meeting held Tuesday night.

Since the announcement, Parker has held his position as Dillard’s new police chief for roughly two weeks now and is looking forward to serving the city well.

The decision was made by council members after Welch was arrested at a license checkpoint near Warwoman and Rickman Street by a Georgia State Trooper.

During which time, authorities noticed an open Bud Light can in the cup holder of the center console.

While speaking with Welch, law enforcement learned that he had consumed six 12 ounce cans of Bud Light starting aproximentley one and a half to two hours prior.

The trooper conducted a field sobriety test on Welch before he became uncooperative and was asked multiple times if he was going to perform the tests according to a direct passage from the police report.

Welch refused a blood sample and was placed under arrest for DUI and possession of an open alcohol container and is currently pending legal ramification via Rabun County Superior Court.