Clayton’s Next Wave of Water Talks

The Clayton City Council will have a special called meeting this afternoon. The meeting has one purpose, discuss and find a number to counter the County’s offer of $2.75 mil for Clayton’s water and sewer system. Mayor John Bradshaw hopes a counter offer can be agreed on…

“Of course you never know how a vote will go, but I’m real hopeful that we’re getting, we’re getting close. We actually had our auditor stand up and tell us he thinks the system is worth somewhere in the 4.4 million range. You know it’s like I told the council,  send that number, if that’s a number you feel good about, send that number. We just need to get a number to see if we can even get most of the council to agree on consolidation. If we can send a number, at least that would say, okay, we think this consolidation is going to move forward and here’s a number we think we need to be at.”

The meeting will be at 4:30 in the City Courtroom.