Charity Lane Begins Second Weekend

This weekend gives residents of Rabun County and the surrounding area another chance to experience Charity Lane, as the festival of lights gets ready for its’ second and final weekend.

Wolffork Valley will be transformed into a Christmas Wonderland, as many houses on this seven-mile stretch of road will be shining brightly, getting everyone into the Christmas spirit.

Sky 96.3 and Real Country 100.3 WGHC will provide the sounds to coincide with the sights of Charity Lane, beginning at 6PM every night this weekend. Robi West and David Boyce will have control tonight, as they play their favorite Christmas tunes. Kathryn Granberg will host tomorrow night, playing a variety of Christmas melodies, and Sarah Jane will provide a Bluegrass and Country atmosphere to your experience on Sunday night.

Many Rabun County charities come together this weekend, to raise money to help those in need this Holiday season, by hosting Charity Lane. The final weekend kicks off tonight at 6PM, on Wolffork Road in Northern Rabun County.