Celebrities coming to Rabun County for Sheriff’s Golf Tournament

Celebrities are coming to Rabun County in August to play golf.  The Rabun County Sheriff’s Office is hosting a Celebrity Golf Tournament benefit, explains Sheriff Chad Nichols.  “Several sheriffs throughout the state do golf tournaments or some other fundraisers to benefit the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes, which have been around since the 1950s and these homes care for kids that have had some bad luck in their lives; their parents might have died and they didn’t have anyone else, there might have been poor living conditions, so the sheriffs wanted a place for these kids to be able to go and to have a chance to succeed.  Of course, they are put in school. We actually have a few that we’re sending to college. Hopefully, at the golf tournament, there will be a couple of people that went through the youth homes and are now doctors, lawyers, school teachers, etc. A lot of different kids have come through there and have been successful, so we as sheriffs just try to keep that going.” The Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes are something near and dear to Sheriff Nichols’ heart. “When I first took office, I wanted to figure out how we could contribute to that some and so, in talking with the youth home representative and he was familiar with our area and wanted to do a golf tournament up here.  I think he kind of wanted to play at the Waterfall Club himself, so that kind of got us going in that direction. I met with the Waterfall Group and got it arranged, so on Aug. 27, there at noon, we’ll tee off. I hope to have between 20-25 teams.” Sheriff Nichols tells more about the celebrities coming to play golf in the tournament. “I’m trying to get confirmation so that I can let everybody know some of the celebrities we are having. Most of them are former athletes and a good group of them are former Braves players. So, we are excited to be able to do this for the youth homes and excited to be able to put a spin on it as a Celebrity Golf Tournament.” The Celebrity Golf Tournament takes place on Tuesday, Aug. 27, at the Waterfall Club.  The cost per four-player team is $800, which includes lunch. Registration and sponsorships are due by Aug. 20. For more information on registration and sponsorships contact Kim Rodriguez at 706-782-3612 or by email at [email protected]rabuncounty.ga.gov.